The School has always excelled at the Inter School Athletic Meet placing itself within the first five. Infrastructure is available to practice Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Throwball, Kho-Kho and Shuttle Badminton. Skating, Karate, Keyboard, Abacus, Yoga, Band, Field Events, Dance and music are practiced by students which helps them in keeping physically fit. Chess is also taught and students take part in competition enabling them to be mentally fit.

The school offers a wide range of opportunities for Co-curricular activities. The students are trained for Athletics, Yoga, Karate, Keyboard, Dance, Music and Mass P.T. Trained and professional personnel impart coaching in other field games.


The school has separate and independent brass and pipe bands and the limelight during the Founder’s Day celebrations and other important State functions in the District. These units are administered and trained by professional band masters. The students learn to play these instruments from Class V onwards.


The Music club which, in addition to training the students in Western and Indian classical Music, trains the students. The Music Department gives highly specialized training in keyboard and other instruments. The Music Department is updated and modernized every academic year. The department has its own symphony and concert bands.


The Dance Club imparts training in classical as well as folk dances of India. The students display their talent during all the celebrations throughout the year.


Campuses have well-equipped, each with facilities for conducting tournaments. They have the most modern equipments.