[acc_item title=”A. AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM”]

School has an Audio-Visual Room with a capacity of 100 studetns. It is equipped with a multimedia PC, LCD projector and effective light and sound arrangement.

[acc_item title=”B. ART & CRAFT”]

In Art and Craft, the children are provided with ample opportunities to experiment and express themselves. A wide range of ideas, materials, textures, colours and forms are introduced. The Art and Craft section introduces the various techniques of working with different materials like clay, glass, paper, tiles, wool, cardboard etc.

[acc_item title=”C. SCHOOL COUNSELLOR”]

The school has engaged a professional counselor to assist the students who especially need care, guidance and understanding. Parents may be permitted to take the help from the counselor with the permission of the school management.

[acc_item title=”D. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE”]

It aims at bringing a better discipline in the students and the school. The committee consists of members from the staff and student representatives
with the Principal as the Head. The Student Council helps in maintaining discipline and acts as liaison between the students and teachers. The School pupil leaders are elected at the beginning of every new academic year. They are assisted by Captains and Prefects of each House and Monitors of the respective classes.

[acc_item title=”E. CULTURAL CLUB”]

It functions as Event Manager of the school. Events like Annual Day celebrations, special occasions and festivals are organized by this club.

[acc_item title=”F.DANCE AND MUSIC”]

The rhythmic movements add to the merging of western as well as Indian Art and Culture to the world of Dance and Drama. Indian Classical and Western Dance professionals are engaged to mould their children in respective field. As Dance and Music go hand in hand, our budding artists are trained to shine forth as stars.

[acc_item title=”G. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES”]

Learning at St. Francis is not confined to classrooms alone. Besides academic excellence it offers a host of co-curricular activities to bring out the best in every child. It is a journey of self expression. According to the aptitude of the students they are trained in yoga, football, basket ball, badminton, athletics etc.

[acc_item title=”H. SCHOOL LINK PROGRAMME”]

With a genuine interest to develop international exchange and link programmes on the basis of cooperation and principle of reciprocity the school has entered into a partnership programme with Crossdale Primary School, Keyworth, Nottingham UK. The main attraction of this programme is that staff of both the schools get a chance to visit the partner school, learn about their country, culture, teaching-learning
process etc.


[acc_item title=”G.SPORTS AND CURRICULUM”]

The School has always excelled at the Inter School Athletic Meet placing itself within the first five. Infrastructure is available to practice Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Throwball, Kho-Kho and Shuttle Badminton. Skating, Karate, Keyboard, Abacus, Yoga, Band, Field Events, Dance and music are practiced by students which helps them in keeping physically fit. Chess is also taught and students can take part in competitions, enabling them to be mentally fit.

The school offers a wide range of opportunities for Co-curricular activities. The students are trained for Athletics, Yoga, Karate, Keyboard, Dance, Music and Mass P.T. Trained and professional personnel impart coaching in other field games.


The school has separate and independent brass and pipe bands and the limelight during the Founder’s Day celebrations and other important State functions in the District. These units are administered and trained by professional band masters. The students learn to play these instruments from Class V onwards.


The Music club which, in addition to training the students in Western and Indian classical Music, trains the students. The Music Department gives highly specialized training in keyboard and other instruments. The Music Department is updated and modernized every academic year. The department has its own symphony and concert bands.


The Dance Club imparts training in classical as well as folk dances of India. The students display their talent during all the celebrations throughout the year.


Campuses are well-equipped, each with facilities for conducting tournaments. They have the most modern equipment.



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