Infrastructure Back Up

[acc_item title=”A. CLASS ROOM”]

The class rooms are large and airy with abundant natural light to provide the right ambience for an effective learning experience at school. Sessions adopt effective teaching methods and logics that make learning process interesting and enjoyable. Active participation and constructive criticism are always encouraged to create a conducive atmosphere in the class

[acc_item title=”B. SMART CLASS”]

The School has adapted digital initiative pioneered and invented by our own teachers. It is aimed at transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. It is a new age technology movement developed by our own trained teachers to meet the specific objectives laid out by different learning standards and curricula by the school.


[acc_item title=”C. FACULTY”]


In pursuit of excellence, the school engages men and women of high professional competence, moral integrity and dedication to guide the students. For the realization of its objectives the school counts on the genuine personal witness of its inspiring teachers. A good teacher student ratio makes it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child. Regular in-service programme keep the faculty abreast of the latest developments in the field of education, which provides them the opportunity to innovate.

[acc_item title=”D.COMPUTER LAB”]

The state of the art computer lab facility helps students to integrate Information Technology into the present curriculum. The school aims at imparting the usage of computers as a tool rather than a subject. The school has an internet facility, enabling the students to access global network.

comp_lab_1 comp_lab_2

[acc_item title=”E. LIBRARY”]

The library is stocked with an excellent collection of books and journals on all relevant subjects which help students rediscover the joy of reading. The very extensive reference section helps students work on multi-dimensional projects. The computerized data base of the library helps in sorting out the books, journals and articles.

library_1 library_2

[acc_item title=”F.PHYSICS LAB”]

physics_lab_1 physics_lab_2

[acc_item title=”G.CHEMISTRY LAB”]

chemistry_lab_1 chemistry_lab_2

[acc_item title=”H.BIOLOGY LAB”]

bio_lab_1 bio_lab_2

[acc_item title=”I.ART ROOM”]

Jesly weding 058 Jesly weding 059

[acc_item title=”I.AV ROOM”] 001 002 003 004


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