Our Houses

Our Houses

Our House System

The House System gleams with an ethereal brilliance that bears testimony to Francisians’ insatiable passion and fervour for excellence. Topaz House, where warmth and radiance intertwine like golden rays caressing the landscape; Emerald House, which emerges like an emerald oasis amidst a sea of emerald green; Sapphire House, which stands as a serene sanctuary, exudes a serene calm reminiscent of tranquil waters at twilight; and Ruby House, ablaze with fiery passion, exudes a bold vibrancy that enraptures the senses. In this mesmerizing tapestry of gemstone abodes, the House System weaves an enchanting tale of beauty, elegance, and vibrant charm. Each dwelling, an embodiment of its unique gemstone essence, invites you to embrace the captivating wonders that lie within, where dreams take flight and the extraordinary becomes ordinary.


In the heart of Earth’s embrace, where ancient forces intertwine, Ruby emerges, a gem of celestial origin. Like a molten fire captured in time, its crimson hues dance with fervor, igniting the soul with an incandescent glow. May your fiery spirit forever captivate our hearts, dear Ruby, as we marvel at the magnificence that you embody—a treasure beyond measure, forever cherished, forever adored.


In the realm of precious gemstones, there exists a luminary, a gem that encapsulates the essence of the sun itself—Topaz, the celestial emissary of brilliance and splendor. Like a golden elixir, its hue radiates warmth, suffusing the soul with a gentle caress of purest gold. Its color, a symphony of honeyed amber and liquid sunshine, bestows a luminous glow that echoes the very radiance of a summer’s day. May Topaz forever adorn the crowns of dreamers.


In the realm of celestial wonders, there exists a gem that captures the essence of the boundless heavens—an ethereal jewel known as Sapphire. In the treasury of Earth’s hidden treasures, Sapphire reigns as a luminary of unparalleled magnificence. Its azure radiance, reminiscent of the clearest of cerulean skies, whispers of secrets held by the vast expanse above, beckoning us to embark on a journey of awe-inspiring discovery. May Sapphire forever adorn the souls of dreamers and seekers of truth.


In the realm of nature’s most resplendent treasures, there exists a gem that embodies the very essence of earthly beauty—the exquisite Emerald, a jewel bathed in the verdant hues of enchanted realms. Emerald, the verdant oracle of nature’s wisdom, radiates with a captivating brilliance, evoking the lush embrace of ancient forests and the gentle whispers of ethereal sprites. Its resplendent hue, a symphony of vibrant greens, unveils a portal to a world teeming with life—a verdant oasis where dreams take root and flourish. Let its brilliance ignite our spirit and kindle the eternal flame of wonder within our hearts.

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